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Glass Tax Services
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Why Use Glass Tax Services?

Glass Tax Services works with 1040 preparations to provide the best solution for tax returns. With climbing prices and your time being more valuable than ever before, we offer timely and advanced solutions of tax preparation from the convenience of your home. By getting to know you better as a person, we are able to navigate what best suits your needs. Additionally, our bi-lingual capabilities creates open communication in English and Spanish. That's why we stand by our motto, "clearly", taxes done right! 

Schedule a free interview clicking the link below. Our rates start as low as $250, but these consultations are commitment-free

Business Accounting

Advice And Management 

By pivoting workload onto us, you 

as a business can concentrate 

more on your services and

products, rather than the nitty-

and-gritty of financials.

Cash Flow Management

Managing your integrations with services such as QuickBooks, we ensure the efficacy of your cash flow.

Solutions That Work For You

Solutions are not just what we have here and now, we proactively look out for new advances in every industry for your management  and financial needs.


Our 1040 tax preparation include but not limited to, Sch C, W-2, 1099's, Sch K-1's and etc.

Your 1120-S S-Corporations and 1065 Partnerships can rely on the Glass Tax Services on timely and accurate transmissions.


Your W-2, 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC Payroll reports can be reported through Glass Tax Services.

Financial Products

We partner with the Financial Products you know and trust, that way you have the freedom of mind to pay with your refund through our  Refund Transfer service. Rely on bank transfers such as Santa Barbara TPG and others, and pay through your refund, rather than waiting for your next paycheck.


Get back the time you lose out on through bookkeeping by working with us, we can manage the a load of bookkeeping so you can do more of what's important to you.

protection plus tax audit defense $1000000

$1,000,000 Tax Audit Defense™ with Protection Plus

All taxpayers that file their individual tax return with us have complete access to our expert tax audit defense team. In the unlikely event you receive a tax notice from the IRS or State, our Protection Plus audit defense team will provide up to $1,000,000 in services to find a resolution.